80s Hats

If you were having a bad big hair day or just wanted to add something special to your totally awesome outfit, there were plenty of cool 80s hats.

From the casual to the classy, there was a style for every occasion.

Baseball Caps and Trucker Hats

A timeless classic, baseball caps made up the majority of favorite 80s hats.

Of course, they were perfect for supporting your favorite team, but they could promote anything. Video games, cartoon characters, television shows, and any brand name.

They came in many different styles to suit different tastes. The classic style was the fitted hat that came in different sizes for a custom fit – no adjustments necessary. Manufactures soon discovered that they could make hat adjustable to mass-produce, so the snap-back style was born.

With the snap-back style, there were two plastic tabs on the back. One tab had ‘nubs’ that would snap into the holes on the second tab. They were essentially one-size fits all, and they even had a place for your ponytail – something the fitted hat didn’t offer.

There was also the trucker hat, which was very similar to a baseball cap, but instead of a solid back, it used a nylon mesh, which kept your head cooler on hot days. They used the snap-back adjustment style and were a little taller on top than the baseball cap. You could also find these with anything printed on them.

Bowler Hats

Similar to a Derby hat, the bowler hat was a favorite of both Boy George and Charlie Chaplin. It was originally popular in the mid 1800s, but came back on multiple occasions – the 80s being one of them.

It could be made of felt or wool and usually had a wide, rolled brim and rounded top. It has also been made with a flat top and wider brim. These hats had a wide ribbon or band right above the brim, and in the 80s, these bands could be any color.


The fedora, like the bowler hat, was a reboot of an old favorite. The classic style of this felt hat was creased and pinched in on the top, and had a ribbon as a band.

Some famous people and characters sported these hats, spurring a big fedora trend in the 80s. Michael Jackson, Secret Squirrel, and The Blues Brothers all wore one, but Indiana Jones made the fedora his instantly recognizable trademark.


The beret is one of the oldest styles of hats, originally worn by royalty and the military. This round hat was flexible, soft, and usually made from felt or wool. It could be worn either off to the side or centered on the head.

The 80s were a perfect time for berets, due to the popularity of all sorts of fabrics with different colors, patterns, and textures.

Dress Hats

If you had a special event or had to get dressed up, there was never a shortage of dressy hats for women.

Some of the biggest trends in these ‘fancy’ hats were lots of bright colors that usually matched the outfit.

No matter the occasion, there were 80s hats that would be appropriate. They were perfect for making a statement and completing a favorite look.